Saturday Ceramics at Reading College

About Ashbrook Ceramics

Although we both came from artistic backgrounds and studied at Art College and University, we believed in continuing education and in learning new skills. We both attended Reading College as adults, studying ceramics on Saturdays as part of the City & Guilds programme. When the adult courses finished at the College, there was still a considerable demand for working with clay. A few of us were determined to carry on. We hired the unused ceramics studio and began Saturday Ceramics, tempting some former students and attracting new ones. The group grew and is still going strong.

After years of running the Saturday Ceramics group (pictured right), we left Reading, moved to Somerset and have created our own Ashbrook Studio where Ashbrook Ceramics is based.

Hands-on experience.

The experience we gained from Saturday Ceramics convinced us that there is a real interest in working with clay, throwing pots, handbuilding and making glazes. It is really 'hands on' and rewarding. Many people even consider it good therapy. It is certainly relaxing.

Many of the people who came each week to our group in Reading, had little or no knowledge of art or design, but wanted to try. No one was expected to be able to draw, or have any previous experience of working with clay, throwing pots or art. All anyone needed was a desire to get involved.

Working with clay is absorbing and can produce results, even if one has little artistic skill. 

The processes are simple and straightforward and very rewarding.

Many who simply 'wanted a go', stayed with the group for years. There is a wide choice of options available and the enjoyment will last a lifetime.